Legal Studies and the Legislature – Teacher Professional Learning Program

Learning Outcomes

  • Describe sources of contemporary Australian law - common law
  • Understand how statute law is made including the structure of Parliament, the legislative process and delegated legislation
  • Explain the division of powers in the Australian Constitution
  • Explain the separation of powers in Australia’s system of government
  • Explain the difference between the division and separation of powers in Australia
  • Describe the role of parliamentary committees in law reform
  • Describe the role of Members of Parliament in resolving disputes with the state

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About the program

Date: 28 February 2023
Time: 3:30pm – 5:00pm
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This online (ZOOM) professional learning program for teachers of Legal Studies and Commerce unpacks the complexity of the legislature, and assists teachers to explain some of the following topics to their senior students 

  • sources of contemporary Australian law
  • British origins of NSW laws
  • levels of Government
  • separation of powers
  • statute law
  • legislative processes
  • delegated legislation
  • division and separation of powers
  • law reform
  • Parliamentary Committees
  • mechanisms of law reform

These topics are all components of the Stage 6, Legal Studies syllabus and the Commerce syllabus. The ninety-minute interactive session allows teachers to engage with Parliamentary educators and each participant is given a comprehensive PowerPoint presentation for use in class.

This teacher professional learning program is free.

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