Passing a Bill – Animation

Learning Outcomes

  • Identifies and applies legal concepts and terminology
  • Describes the key features of Australian and international law
  • Describes the operation of domestic and international legal systems
  • Discusses the effectiveness of the legal system in addressing issues

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Passage of a Bill

The Parliament of NSW makes laws for the whole state of NSW.

To bring the parliamentary process to life for school students, we have created an animation that plots the passage of legislation in NSW.

Take students through this video, introduce them to the cast below.

The Cast

Many laws start as just an idea to improve the lives of the people in NSW. This idea is shaped through input from a variety of people including members of the NSW Parliament and the community they represent.

Learn more about each of these characters and their roles in the parliamentary process.

Ms Purple – The Premier

Ms Purple was elected to represent her local area at the last election and is a member of the Purple Party. Local representatives are members of the Legislative Assembly, the lower house of the Parliament of NSW. The party with a majority of members in the Legislative Assembly is the government. The Purple Party have the majority at the moment and the party has chosen Ms Purple as their leader, making her the Premier of NSW.

Mr Mauve – The Minister for Education

Mr Mauve was elected to represent his local area at the last election. Like Ms Purple, he is a member of the Purple Party who currently form the government in NSW. He has been selected by Ms Purple to take on a special responsibility as the Minister for Education. In this role Mr Mauve is responsible for the Department of Education and looking after teachers, students and their learning in New South Wales.

Parliamentary Counsel’s Office

New South Wales Parliamentary Counsel are experts in law writing and draft bills and amendments based on members’ instructions.

Ms Peach – Member of the Orange Party

Ms Peach is also a member of the Legislative Assembly and was elected to represent her local area in the NSW Parliament. She is a member of the Orange Party, a different party to Mr Mauve and Ms Purple. The Orange Party has different views and policies than the Purple Party on some issues.


Mr Mustard – Member of the Yellow Party

Mr Mustard is a member of the Legislative Council, the upper house of Parliament in NSW. He is a member of the Yellow Party, who have different views and policies than the Purple or Orange Party on some issues.

The Governor of NSW

The Governor is the Queen’s representative and the formal head of state in New South Wales. As head of state, she plays many important constitutional roles, including providing assent for bills. That means she provides the formal approval required for a bill to officially become a NSW law.

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