Tertiary Programs

Tertiary Programs

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​​Tertiary programs are developed and delivered by Parliamentary Education across a number of different subject areas and can be tailored to the lecturer’s needs.

Programs are usually two hours long and aim to provide a guide to how the Legislature works. They include information about the Westminster system of government and how it works in practice in the NSW Parliament: the process of making legislation; the role of members of parliament; the role of parliamentary committees. During the program students usually tour the Legislative Assembly and Legislative Council chambers (non-sitting day) or view the chambers from the public galleries (sitting day). They may also, dependant on availability, meet with a member of parliament, parliamentary committee’s staff or other relevant parliamentary officers.  

Examples of programs include:

Social Policy Students: a guide to how the legislature works.

This program, specially designed for Social Welfare and Social Policy university and TAFE students, includes an outline of how policy becomes law, with a focus on the roles of elected representatives and parliamentary committees, in this journey.

Primary and Secondary Education: a guide to how the legislature works for teacher trainees.

This is a syllabus aligned program specially designed for tertiary education students focusing on teaching about parliament and our system of government within the context of civics and citizenship education. It also includes information about school visits and site studies to the NSW Parliament and the teaching resources available on the Parliamentary Education web page.

Parliament for Law Students: a guide to how the legislature works.

This program is specially designed for Bachelor and Diploma of Law students. It outlines the place of Parliament within our legal system and how statutory legislation is made, with a focus on the role of members in this process.

Parliament for Government and Politics Students: a guide to how the legislature works.

This program is specially designed for Government and Politics students.  It outlines the role of Parliament in the Westminster System, including the role of Members. The program also  has a special focus on research and, depending on availability, participants meet with staff from the Parliamentary Research Service. They hear about the work of this section, how it supports the work of members in the parliament and how Parliamentary Research Papers can be accessed by the public.  

Parliamentary Internships

Parliamentary Education also coordinates internship placements for tertiary students of specific courses at several universities. If you are a student please contact your university internship coordinator to enquire about placements with the Parliament. For university staff enquiries, please contact Jeannie Douglass on 02 9230 2734 or email [email protected]​ 

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