160 Years of Historic Bills Now Digitised

160 Years of Historic Bills Now Digitised

When did the firemen of NSW have to eat their breakfast?

How many pianos were imported to Australia via Sydney Harbour?

When was the first Bill on Daylight Saving introduced?

You can now access historic Bills and Tabled Papers on the Parliament’s website. The Parliament’s Digitisation project has expanded our collection of digitised historic bills and tabled papers, which provides a unique insight into more than 160 years of lawmaking at the Parliament of NSW.

What is a bill?  

A bill is a proposed law that becomes an Act after passing both Houses of Parliament in the same form and receiving assent. Some bills never become laws, some are amended on their journey through the Houses, or multiple versions may be introduced. Parliament has just published an extensive repository of 11,500 PDFs and 15,000 records of historic bills introduced into NSW Parliament since 1856. You can find them under ‘BILLS’ on the website homepage.  

What are tabled papers?  

Tabled papers are documents such as messages from the Governor, statutory instruments, petitions, bills, and others. The archive of tabled papers has been expanded by an additional 80 years and 100,000 records. You can now access papers dating from 1824 to 1938 (previously only 1824 – 1855) by selecting ‘All by date’ from the HANSARD & HOUSEPAPERS dropdown on the Parliament’s website homepage, clicking on the filter tab and selecting ‘all tabled papers and reports’ as your paper type and applying the historic dates that you are interested in.

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