Watch Now – Election 2023 Series: Voting in NSW

Watch Now – Election 2023 Series: Voting in NSW

“Our democracy and voting system wasn’t always what we know it to be today.”

Catch up on our recent event, Election 2023 Series: Voting in NSW, where Professor Rodney Smith from the University of Sydney discussed the NSW electoral system.

Professor Smith takes us back to the 1800s. The way people voted was very different to the polling locations and ballot papers we use today. At first, only men of a certain age and income status could vote, and votes were conducted out in the open through voices or a show of hands.

Hear more about how NSW’s voting system has evolved over time including:
• Who gets to vote?
• Voting channels
• Equality of the vote
• The ballot and the count
• Consequences of our voting system.

Watch the full lecture and discussion below to learn more.