Roll of Honour

Parliament of NSW Roll Of Honour (1918)

This roll of honour lists the names of all the Members and staff of the Parliament of NSW who served during the First World War. Thirteen Members of Parliament and 13 staff members served in the conflict.

The roll of honour was unveiled on 27 February 1918 by Frederick Flowers, President and John Cohen, Speaker. A fine piece of artistic work, it was hand-painted by the Government Printers Office, enclosed in a handsome frame and hung in the main vestibule of NSW Parliament House. It represents an unfolding scroll with the flags of the allies above.

Originally installed as a temporary honour roll, it was intended to be replaced by a larger, permanent memorial tablet. This never eventuated.

The following names are listed on the roll of honour:



  • Campbell, Reginald
  • Clapin, Philip Henry
  • Darby, Frank
  • Edden, George
  • Jerrom, Edward George
  • Langley, Frederick Barker
  • McCourt, William Rupert
  • McGowen, Stanley Redfern
  • McLeish, Alexander
  • Miles, John
  • Miller, Horace
  • Ridley, James
  • Rose-Bray, Walter James Elder

In addition to the roll of honour, a memorial to the two Members of Parliament who died in battle, Lieutenant-Colonel George Braund and Sergeant Edward ‘Ted’ Larkin, hangs in the Legislative Assembly chamber.