Who is my Local Member of Parliament?

Who is my Local Member of Parliament?

As a resident of New South Wales you are represented by a Member of Parliament (MP) in the New South Wales Legislative Assembly (lower house). There are 93 electorates in the state with one MP representing each of these electorates.

Residents in New South Wales are also represented in the Legislative Council (upper house). There are 42 members of the Legislative Council (MLCs) who are elected for eight years each, representing the entire state of New South Wales.

How do you find out which electorate you live in and who your local member is? We’ll show you!

  1. Visit the Find My Electorate page on the NSW Electoral Commission website
  2. Enter your street address and click ‘find’. Your state electorate will be displayed
  3. Click through to find out more about your electorate, its history and current MP
  4. Visit the members menu on the Parliament of NSW website to view a full list of current members and find out more about your local member, including their contact details.
    Some member’s profile pages also contain links to their inaugural and other speeches in Hansard, questions they have asked on notice and notices of motion they have given in Parliament.

State parliament makes laws on a broad range of issues. These include state services like hospitals, schools, transport and emergency services as well as crime. You can contact your local member for assistance with state based issues like these or to raise issues of importance.

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